It means that we're not that far

Beginning to get to his hands and knees. Where are we? Drake muttered as he began to stand up, surprised to find that he had landed instagram on a cement floor. Who knows? Tyler grumbled as he looked around. Looks like a warehouse. Probably a similar set up as last year, buy instagram followers but somewhere else. Even the Shadow Hunters wouldn't be stupid enough to bring us to the same place in two years. Alia stood up, grabbing her wand from her back pocket. When this is over, I'm going to kill you, by the way. Trust me, if Ziva hadn't been kidnapped, I wouldn't have come here. Tyler shook his head, his jaw clenched buy instagram followers bitterly. If anything happens to her... Oh, don't worry about the girl, a husky voice said from out of nowhere, a voice that Tyler recognized from the portal. I didn't hurt the girl... too much. A body began to form out of the shadows, which seemed to bend until they created the robed figures of Alex Fieldman and a strange man with black hair and golden eyes. He stood on the opposite side of the children as Fieldman, staring at the girls with a twisted curiosity. Tyler felt a chill run buy instagram followers up his spine the moment he caught sight of the man. There was something different about this man, something that made him seem even more dangerous than Fieldman. The way he looked at the kids made Tyler feel as though he was about to pounce. Tyler could see scars littered across his face, some new and some old. You should be proud of your friend. buy instagram followers She put up quite a fight. I didn't realize who she was at the time, but I have to admit, she was stronger than even I could have predicted. Ziva's an impressive witch, Tyler pointed out. You were an idiot for attacking her. Oh, trust me, you have no idea how impressive she is. He glanced at Drake as he pointed out, That thirty-second glance that I'm sure you saw of what happened doesn't even begin to cover just what she's capable of. How do you know so much about her? Tyler asked defensively. Let's just say that I know her a lot better than you do, the man sneered with a look at Tyler. Drake's eyes narrowed darkly as he glared at the man. Gregor Blake. You're the werewolf from Halloween, whose face has been posted in all of those magazines and newspapers over the past few months. You're wanted for – Killing more than thirty witches, and turning twenty-seven people into werewolves? Blake sneered with a smirk. I'm glad to hear that my retion precedes me. It wouldn't be any fun to kill people who had no idea what I was capable of. Alia's eyes burned with anger. I know you a lot better than most people, and not just because of Halloween. You killed my parents. I've killed a lot of girls' parents, Blake replied dismissively. You'll have to be more specific, beautiful. You'd remember these ones, Gregor, Fieldman said with a smirk. Kyle and Alyssa Harris. Blake's lips curled buy instagram followers into yet another twisted smirk. Oh, right. They put up a fight for quite a while; fought harder than most do, and nearly beat me a few times. His blood was pretty standard, but hers... heh, heh... Some of the best I've ever had. His eyes narrowed as he tilted his head slightly to the side, looking Alia up and down. Should've known. You're google the spitting image of your mother, and just as beautiful. Maybe I won't kill you